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The distance in blue between your horse and the training horse indicates your horse's abilities, the further in the lead the better.

Horse Preferences

Based on the training results, click these buttons to add them to your horse preferences

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  • Your Horse
    Your horse:

    Use training to increase the horse’s fitness and identify its racing preferences and strengths. The more a member trains a horse, the more training data will be captured, the member than uses the data to assess the horse’s ability and racing strengths.

  • Training Horse
    Training horse

    All horses are trained against a training horse. The training horse represents a benchmark against which the member can measure the ability and race strengths of their virtual horse over various racing conditions.

  • Average Horse
    Average horse

    The average horse is an additional feature. It represents the site average of the last 500 training runs of all same grade horses trained over the same conditions. Member can use this to measure their own horse’s competitiveness, in relation to other horses on the site.

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