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Sat, Dec 14, 2019 - 20:20 Maiden Championship 2C
W0+; Win+2lbs; QR1+ 14 £0.00 £240.00
Raceclubs Bonus £240.00

PositionHorse NameStablePointsRuns Left
To Qualify
Qualify for the Maiden Championship 2C
1Tommy Tsunamishotgun_mike370511£752.64
2JailedSky Castle Stables350503£155.19
3Tam De La CruzChinese Racers320404£289.49
4Jimmy Da Lobstershotgun_mike320602£962.24
5Undiscovered EndTTK Fashion HQ310521£187.97
6PretenseSky Castle Stables310521£116.28
7GaussMr Di Castelnuovo280504£149.31
8Wild GlowBottlebrush270505£0.00
9Spirit WoodsBottlebrush260502£92.45
10Kik AssHonedrops250503£317.32
11Passing TradeCeltic Race Party220503£75.19
12Jose RobertoJustBits220503£33.99
13Henrik EckermannJustBits210311£419.91
14Signal FaultTTK Fashion HQ210511£115.35
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 1
15Black RockeSky Castle Stables310503£237.29
16Johnny Karateshotgun_mike270311£327.81
17YelSky Castle Stables260511£275.01
18Marina Bay SandsSaigon Hills210505£641.23
19Haydock LaneBottlebrush200504£15.35
20King Of UlsterPhoenix Racing190502£388.57
21Old Mans HatCeltic Race Party190506£38.74
22Conrad CoolmanSmith Racing160202£314.62
23Australian OpenThe wolfs lair160204£122.81
24Soviet PimpernelBleak Lodge Stables150202£107.87
26Game Of ShadowsBig Roar150304£543.85
27Divine Designshotgun_mike130211£258.73
28Beat The Judgederekw10130206£31.21
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 2
29PheltSky Castle Stables250302£113.32
30ScentSky Castle Stables210502£150.28
31Free AssangeHonedrops120111£1,756.12
32Regal StepsRotherstoke Stables120111£452.50
33Magical Sightshotgun_mike120111£391.33
34Magnums Philiokusshotgun_mike120111£209.45
35Monbeg Notoriousderekw10120304£26.27
36Onerous TimeTTK Fashion HQ120507£77.94
37Nashville WestSmith Racing110111£135.47
38Georg AhlmannJustBits110102£151.54
39What ShowBellmont110102£49.36
40Bin KhalTime Machine100102£40.00
41ImproptuTTK Fashion HQ100103£39.39
42Rocket Wizardderekw10100205£366.75
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 3
43NevershouldhaveSky Castle Stables210502£26.08
44Star SpangleSky Castle Stables210503£1,301.10
45Vai Pianoshotgun_mike120111£194.73
46Mickey The Artistshotgun_mike120202£219.02
47Little EngineHonedrops90103£182.29
48Canny AdderMillcourt Stables80111£166.23
51Bin SamidTime Machine80105£21.35
52Bullseye Goliathderekw1070105£6.72
53Parcel Of RoguesCeltic Race Party60107£26.93
54Bin ZalmaTime Machine60107£20.12
55Billy TwomeyJustBits50111£23.78
56Enzo TruppaSaigon Hills50103£93.50
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 4
57TiledSky Castle Stables200402£40.55
58LydenSky Castle Stables160404£18.58
59Swedish Eragonshotgun_mike120203£577.01
60Master Lorenzoshotgun_mike110102£165.62
61Flying DiscHonedrops70205£421.06
62White FridayHonedrops60107£8.37
63William Fox PittJustBits50209£19.00
64Bin AshaTime Machine40106£11.83
65WhyattTTK Fashion HQ40109£39.19
66Bin RamilTime Machine30106£0.00
67Polar StoneJustBits201010£7.98
68Famine FireTTK Fashion HQ201013£39.42
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 5
69ExtortSky Castle Stables100204£40.99
70Harvey Teabagshotgun_mike90103£83.00
71Craizy Daizyshotgun_mike80111£55.44
72Single CellHonedrops40109£74.26
73Chestnut ColourJustBits201010£5.70
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 6
74Willie Dynamiteshotgun_mike80308£517.99
75Imperial Charmshotgun_mike70102£110.28
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 7
76Lieschen Mullershotgun_mike70102£76.76
77Capo The Angelshotgun_mike60103£31.40
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 8
78Pegasus Shadowshotgun_mike50108£45.37
79Friday Silenceshotgun_mike40102£19.64
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 9
80Leo De Furyshotgun_mike40105£2.30
81Hot Collectionshotgun_mike301010£55.65

58th Season

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