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Sun, Dec 15, 2019 - 20:40 Maiden Championship 2F
W0+; Win+2lbs; QR1+ 14 £0.00 £240.00
Raceclubs Bonus £240.00

PositionHorse NameStablePointsRuns Left
To Qualify
Qualify for the Maiden Championship 2F
1Jumping SapphireJustBits490611£604.94
2Kristy OatleyJustBits460702£200.86
3NaturalistSky Castle Stables420502£648.49
4Just IntimeSky Castle Stables400502£254.81
5EileenTTK Fashion HQ350411£223.53
6Ballygowan BelleSaintfield Stars340311£466.53
7Alaskan Snow BombBetromania320603£753.45
8Miracle Mysteriashotgun_mike300521£152.52
9GraciliusTTK Fashion HQ290503£271.42
10Bint RoxiHonedrops290506£478.69
11Kairos Forteshotgun_mike260502£280.29
12June OsborneSaigon Hills230404£141.02
13Tidal RacerHonedrops200404£144.09
14Saigon MoonSaigon Hills190302£163.73
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 1
15Jumping EmeraldJustBits390711£424.85
16Sea AnchorSky Castle Stables260404£900.99
17The Dark PrincessSky Castle Stables260511£171.74
18Pledge Of Honourshotgun_mike210211£405.34
19Wendy Warhorseshotgun_mike200211£433.12
20Meditation MindTTK Fashion HQ180404£40.33
21LineageTTK Fashion HQ180505£0.00
22Filly Is FogRoyal Ascot140303£107.87
23Bint ZumaTime Machine130203£189.11
24Avenged SevenfoldIsland House120111£575.37
25Timely GiftHonedrops120111£327.59
26Weirdly SmartHonedrops110102£94.58
27Bint JilaTime Machine110204£35.45
28Storm SambucaJustBits90102£79.66
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 2
29Southern Stormsshotgun_mike200311£260.89
30SignmeupSky Castle Stables190304£45.37
31Next UppSky Castle Stables180403£48.12
32Feline De La Fyeshotgun_mike160202£123.04
33EvengeTTK Fashion HQ150404£25.10
34TympannyTTK Fashion HQ150504£41.70
36Traviato WatchSaigon Hills70103£103.45
37Ever AmberHonedrops70105£47.77
38Bint HarirTime Machine70106£7.32
39White Dressedderekw1070208£23.50
40Smoking VirginiaBetromania40108£206.69
41Rc QueensBig Roar40109£215.92
42Go ShadowSaigon Hills20108£248.52
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 3
43TricentennialSky Castle Stables180511£237.55
44Muscle Queenshotgun_mike150302£173.68
45Penny Diamondshotgun_mike140211£227.92
46Romancer RainTTK Fashion HQ130505£28.51
47RommanyTTK Fashion HQ130507£35.04
48BullgirlSky Castle Stables110305£5.17
49Toxic TalkHonedrops20108£19.00
50Quel EspoirEire Stables201011£293.72
51Bint WazirTime Machine201011£6.08
52Bint KhaliTime Machine201013£31.67
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 4
53Second Collectionshotgun_mike120111£204.01
54Rackham The Redshotgun_mike110111£142.36
55Lightning BeamSky Castle Stables100207£535.99
56Trail RunSky Castle Stables100305£12.16
57BelachiTTK Fashion HQ90103£136.63
58TormayoTTK Fashion HQ70104£91.23
59Bint HiranTime Machine201014£6.75
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 5
60Taste Of Diamondsshotgun_mike100205£102.43
61Every New DaySky Castle Stables70111£161.63
62Pine NeedlesSky Castle Stables60205£261.34
63Primus Incitatusshotgun_mike50106£235.14
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 6
64BelletSky Castle Stables50103£29.84
65Supreme Crownshotgun_mike50107£26.36
66StaitSky Castle Stables40106£2.66
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 7
68Zandra Invalleyshotgun_mike40108£54.01
69PterySky Castle Stables30105£40.04
70Greta Thunbergshotgun_mike30108£136.79
71ResumeSky Castle Stables201011£40.63
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 8
72King's Commandshotgun_mike301010£135.19
73Summa Summarumshotgun_mike20108£94.79

58th Season

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