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Sat, Dec 14, 2019 - 20:40 Maiden Championship 2F
W0+; Win+2lbs; QR1+ 14 £0.00 £240.00
Raceclubs Bonus £240.00

PositionHorse NameStablePointsRuns Left
To Qualify
Qualify for the Maiden Championship 2F
1Come On EileenJustBits370511£317.29
2Rainbow Bonanzashotgun_mike370502£109.06
3IstriaSky Castle Stables350521£201.59
4Snow RoyaleSky Castle Stables330511£131.20
5Space Dragonshotgun_mike330502£41.61
6Ba Ba Baranasertyuiop320402£149.49
7Hearts DestinyJustBits320602£222.30
8Martha Braederekw10300503£222.97
9Narrative SoundTTK Fashion HQ230503£105.88
10Soozle Strikederekw10220311£71.33
11Bonne Nuit IreneCeltic Race Party220504£41.69
12Shadow BannHonedrops210211£215.00
13ExceedenceTTK Fashion HQ210503£226.00
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 1
15VericeSky Castle Stables250411£156.08
16EleutheraSky Castle Stables240503£49.46
17One Hit WondersJustBits240505£76.53
18Suffolk Stranglershotgun_mike220302£83.39
19Seattles Stephderekw10200302£60.87
20VoleuxTTK Fashion HQ200605£41.06
21AffordingTTK Fashion HQ180411£85.27
22Lucky SixBig Roar170303£89.32
24Emma Stoneshotgun_mike160211£117.76
25Bint AsslTime Machine140507£139.22
26DromoreSaintfield Stars130205£27.59
27Sweet Nasderekw10130406£249.91
28Smoking BombBig Roar120111£83.22
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 2
29VaseSky Castle Stables190311£58.17
30TormayoTTK Fashion HQ170405£63.79
31VicinitySky Castle Stables160202£113.54
32Dark Steedshotgun_mike140304£91.20
33SensibilityTTK Fashion HQ120502£42.82
34Sand TravelBig Roar110102£53.15
35Exquisite VictoryBig Roar110204£19.23
36Blue BomberMrBlue110205£188.56
37Victory Willowshotgun_mike100111£71.86
38Back DonbasHonedrops100102£61.75
39Saigon ToscanaSaigon Hills100103£72.79
40Jenny Does Itderekw10100211£53.50
41HowthSaintfield Stars100204£100.29
42GlendaloughSaintfield Stars100207£189.47
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 3
43FrenzierSky Castle Stables160306£36.75
44RailexSky Castle Stables130204£64.80
45Lucky Kentuckyshotgun_mike100102£35.67
46Sisters Of Mercyshotgun_mike100103£58.88
47Syrian TangoHonedrops90102£80.69
48Saigon Suzy QSaigon Hills90104£25.86
49Dear DiaryTTK Fashion HQ90311£49.32
50What VoteHonedrops80103£26.02
51Stream SensationBig Roar70106£87.78
53Bint TijarTime Machine70106£23.71
54Louisa HillJustBits70106£5.38
55ListooderSaintfield Stars50108£27.65
56O ReillylightDownunder Racing40111£38.56
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 4
57DimoneseSky Castle Stables120111£102.22
58Lost StyleSky Castle Stables120202£88.15
59Wunder's Caviarshotgun_mike90111£96.46
60The Black Fridayshotgun_mike80111£165.11
63Firm FindsHonedrops40107£59.16
64St Trinians BelleBetromania402011£307.80
65Saigon MandySaigon Hills301010£69.95
66Squashy SquintJudge Jefferies301010£66.86
67Saigon RocketSaigon Hills301010£46.70
68Starting AnewTTK Fashion HQ301010£0.00
69Yvette YieldingIpflippydippy201010£28.26
70Digging DeepHonedrops201010£11.02
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 5
71VienteSky Castle Stables100204£22.68
72Moonlight Cosmicashotgun_mike80105£154.20
73Yankee Bowlershotgun_mike70105£35.64
74Nutty ShadowSky Castle Stables50108£96.16
75Diamond RoxyBetromania201013£92.95
76Chosen FlameCeltic Race Party201013£13.46
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 6
77ShaldeaSky Castle Stables50108£0.00
78Bluechip Euforiashotgun_mike40109£126.27
79Global Agencyshotgun_mike30106£65.68
80PuzzilesSky Castle Stables20109£16.74
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 7
81Applehill Expressshotgun_mike30107£6.69
82Secret Of Joyshotgun_mike20107£2.04
83IfindoubtSky Castle Stables201013£16.85
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 8
84Slim Revengeshotgun_mike201010£221.27
85Happy Ankashotgun_mike201011£22.91
Qualify for the Consolation Instance 9
86Texas Dynamiteshotgun_mike201011£20.88
87Why Always Jacosshotgun_mike201013£0.00


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