Previews And Reviews

7:05 - $75.00 Claiming 4-7Y F - 1
16:46 - C Division 3Y F - 1
19:00 - 2YC Stayers Championship - 1
Betromania - Cmon Tycoon

Betromania - Unlucky Chris.

Certain players are impossibly to beat for some reason or another.

19:31 - 3YF St Leger Championship - 1
Betromania - Cant see the 2nd president losing this one...

Betromania - 2 seconds well done Chris beat by a class horse this time round.
I take 3rd why not.

19:40 - Consolation 2YF Classic - 1
Long Shots - Thanks mate

The wolfs lair - Well done Long shots.

20:00 - 3YC Derby Championship - 1
Betromania - Nothing Dodgy about pfizer in this race .

home and hosed.

Betromania - Cmon guys don't forget to delete my post and get the ban in place .

Betromania - Thank God I'm getting out of this game
The finals are just a carbon copy of what has gone on all season .
Besides the winning horse some stables could run claimers in the finals and still win .

20:00 - 3YC St Leger Championship - 1
Long Shots - Ha ha Fred, you are right, he should be lol

Betromania - This is not right where is my clone ? Is he injured? I'm sure he should be in this final ....

Good luck Kids.

Daztron - some horsheen that, well done

20:10 - Consolation 3YC St Leger - 1
21:00 - King George Championship 4-7Y C - 1
The wolfs lair - Dang. Had a good chance with fast. Zero with muddy. GL all.

Betromania - Cheers Chris your night tonight.

cheers Wolfman.

The Pirate Stud - Nicely done :)

The wolfs lair - Wowzers! Congrats Big Roar.

Betromania - Bloody hell at last ...

21:00 - Cesarewitch Championship 4-7Y C - 1
Betromania - Nope you can take that to the Bank wolfman it wouldn't have won mate..

The wolfs lair - lol, wouldn't have happened if I had kept hold of him for sure as always shocking randoms! Another I sold that does v well.......

21:27 - Eclipse Stakes WFA 2-7Y CF Gr 1 - 1
The wolfs lair - In fact in the 10 races it had plum bottom 7 times and nr bottom in the qualifier lol. But of course it's random..........

21:40 - Consolation Queen Elizabeth 4-7Y F - 2
The wolfs lair - My yearlings are dreadful and no BC's left; so come on my two ladies!!