Previews And Reviews

0:15 - $20.00 Claiming N3L 3Y CF - 1
Jj Racers - Kegart, you're welcome!

Kegart. - Jj Racers, thank you for your inbox message regarding the other Claimer.

I'm sorry I can't reply to you personally via IM due to RC's crazy and insecure policies.

Thanks again,


5:48 - April Fools $200 Capped Level Weight 4-7Y CF - 1
Betromania - April Fools day is now over Rc ?
Are you answering emails or answering anything at all ?

Bobby Dazzler - Has anyone elses flipped on auto train and had 7 training runs?

8:23 - $15.00 Claiming N2L 2Y CF - 1
Jj Racers - ***Edited***

Saigon Hills - ***Edited***

Bobby Dazzler - I aint got mine yet but I know other stables have

Chinese Racers - Did anyone else have their bonus horse vouchers from the April 1st Donkey races issued as G2 horses? I got 4 of them :(


Atlantic Racing - All stable remaining horses will be in the next auction. But will there be any one left to purchase them. There were once more pages in an auction than there are individual players here now. The multi stables have ruined the game , they have been allowed to do this though, flaunting all the rules. Soon they will be the only players left.

Bbstables - Same here got a 24 hour ban
Don’t understand why they puss off people that spend money
They need to do something now if they want a game left
Cutting the 2yo prize money was a huge error and again they did it after we have spent money on yearlings
I have a load for sale next auction with mainly all thrown in at minimum
Enough is enough raceclubs
Ban on the way for freedom of speech

Charnwood Stables - I said most of the above the other day, a little less politely in fairness, and got a 24 hour ban from the forums

9:00 - $75.00 Claiming Juvenile F - 1
Kegart. - Would the owners of the horses in this race kindly send to me their horses best TT's.

Many thanks, Kegart.

Pg Drive - Sorry to crash this thread seems like I've been here hundred years but still have trouble redeeming the free horse vouchers.
Every time I try it says you've not enough cash please deposit.
Errrr there free...
Any ideas guys..

13:06 - Special Allowance 3Y CF - 1
Dynamo Stable - Lol what a realistic result gotta laugh

17:14 - Monthly Champ Qualifier 2C - 2
Celtic Race Party - When do I get my bonus credits for the end of season tipping comp?

17:53 - $15.00 Claiming N4L 4-7Y CF - 1
Bobby Dazzler - Well they are about as Edward sent me an inbox about G2s. So clearly not bothered about anything else. No AUCTION DATE or anything in place.

Bbstables - ***Edited***

Pg Drive - youvre said it all guys, cann,t believe raceclubs haven,t gone overboard to recruit new players surely they have missed a trick here...
betting shops closed nothing to bet on at all and 90% of the country in lockdown with nothing to do.
makes you wonder ??

Atlantic Racing - The number of players is in single digits now when you count the multi stables per player . They are the reason the game has fallen to its current state. Of course they were allowed to flaunt the rules .

Damo's Farm - Where's the added cash gone? There's nothing much to look forward to in the race program.

Saigon Hills - I think this season is the last one . THE END

18:23 - Level Weight 4-7Y C - Gr2 - 1
Bellstane - Race clubs cant you have an "Ask Raceclubs" part added to this "new site"? Then once its resolved you can remove the thread?

Celtic Race Party - LOL...The usual response......." Celtic Race Party & Betromania share the prize money and will receive EUR225.00 each.".....Eh no I did'nt

19:01 - 3YC Derby Qualifier - 1
Betromania - nice claim that Zero Clasico lol.

19:22 - $50 Capped WFA 2-7Y C - 1
Bellstane - Buster Troop, if you Geld you're Colts the Time Trials are much higher and they run faster.

19:26 - Allowance 3Y CF - 1
Celtic Race Party - Okay guys.....It's bad enough, that I haven't received any bonus credits for the end of season tipping comp,,,,,but now I'm getting crucified for asking for them??

19:45 - April Fools C Division 4-7Y F - 1
Millionaire Row - first runner of the new season and no guessing what stable bags the best jockey.....