Previews And Reviews

7:29 - $20.00 Claiming N4L 2Y CF - 1
ChloeCharlie - Pleased I chose this one and not the Wo+ claim race

9:51 - $20.00 Claiming N2L 2Y CF - 1
Ewen - What are you like;) Wait TIL I run saggy bottom

Bellstane - At least the horse above her was Going Deep ;)

The wolfs lair - Ewen, your Tits keep flopping.

11:34 - Allowance 2Y CF - 1
The wolfs lair - hmmm, she has seen the backside of some top horses for sure.

ChloeCharlie - Think it’s fine, can’t see anyone competing with Celtic’s anyway given race history and weight.

The wolfs lair - sadly my lad not fit :(

11:51 - WFA 2-7Y C Gr 0 - 1
katies - Only time will tell my friend :)

Ewen - Hmmm? Impressive number of wins Katies, but is it good enough to beat Hells Angels? ;)

The wolfs lair - Let him off the leash Ewen in the big boys races ;)

katies - cheers mate. :)

Ewen - It would have been interesting if the jockeys were swapped. Good luck. Anthony

katies - Fair play well done :)

16:25 - Level Weight 3Y F-Gr2 - 1
katies - If these 3 horses were group 1s they would be bloody good

katies - Same old faces lol

16:50 - $15.00 Claiming N4L 2Y CF - 1
Celtic Race Party - Does'nt work with internet explorer either,Java is no longer being supported.....What annoys me ,is I can't have a good old rant on reviews lol

Pg Drive - You should ask your old nemisis Fred.... pretty sure he said to me once would only work with internet explorer..

Saigon Hills - Hi All, can someone let me know which browser should i use so i can view the races from Java old version?
Thank You.

Saigon Hills - Hi Robert, i am fine and hope you are well too.
Thank You for the info and Good Luck!

Ascot Vale Lodge -
Gidday John, hope you are well.

Internet Explorer is the only search engine to use.
You have to use the new version of Java.
In the end I got a "propeller head IT geek guy" to tweek mine up for me.
I'm currently watching my races on the old viewer. The other one is cr-p.

18:00 - 2YC Sprint Qualifier - 1
The wolfs lair - Jan would have sent everyone a free steak and kidney if he won that. Or chicken and mushroom if you would have preferred.

18:24 - Monthly Champ Qualifier 2C - 1
The wolfs lair - Anyone know what the odds were for this race please?

18:58 - $15.00 Claiming N4L 2Y CF - 1
katies - HAHA Nice

The wolfs lair - Fish and chips all round..............

katies - Ah! full house :)

katies - Salt em Wolf ;)

The wolfs lair - ....well I didn't win so wrap them yourself! ;)

19:30 - Newbury Sprint 4-7Y F Qualifier - 1
Betromania - Rc have you changed the draw effect at this track > judging with the betting you most certainly have so when did this happen ?

Betromania - Nice fourfold .
I wont be visiting Australia again over sprints this season.

19:52 - $250 Capped Level Weight 2Y CF - 1
Smith Racing - Mine is very average. Only entered as there wasn’t a claimer race to get into so will go into claimer after this

katies - You too.You maybe right.

Smith Racing - Good luck! Think it’ll be a case of who gets JR1

katies - Just the two of us. lol

katies - Will do:)

Smith Racing - Haha see you in a claimer next then!

katies - Snap haha

20:13 - $15.00 Claiming N2L 2Y CF - 1
katies - Anyone ever got this message trying to purchase credit.
You have entered a value that exceeds the monthly credit purchase limit. Please change your limit below or contact Member Support here.

20:30 - 3YF Nunthorpe Sprint Qualifier - 2
Pg Drive - been trying to get my horse in this race for the last 20 minutes...
comes up the DATE for this race as already passed...….what a load of bollox it is the 18th today are ive gone completely mad...

Saigon Hills - Dear Friend , please go and check my randoms for the past week do your homework and then talk.
This race i wan it with a claimer and beat the random also my other horse got the last random.Your horse did not beat its random ?
I wish you a better luck in the future, enjoy the game.

Bellstane - Anytime I've tried under 30 minutes it hasn't worked, been like that for months

Pg Drive - This needs sorting out , cut of point for championship races is 5 minutes before race time.
Been trying to enter since 21.10 GMT...

The wolfs lair - Happened yesterday too. Would love a day with Saigons randoms instead of the ones I always get in the big races.............

20:33 - $250 Capped WFA 2-7Y F - 1
The wolfs lair - Crikey, when I made my entries into this I thought it would be a weakish race lol.

21:16 - $20.00 Claiming N2L 2Y CF - 1
katies - Nothing on my feet :(

21:21 - WFA 2-7Y F Gr 0 - 1
The wolfs lair - Good effort Chris!

22:51 - $500 Capped WFA 2-7Y C - 1
Smith Racing - Will probably go into a claimer soon if you want it mate.

Ascot Vale Lodge - Congrats on the win, nice colt.