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18:00 - 2YC Sprint Championship - 1
Betromania - STABLE NAME – Betromania

2YC Sprint Championship King Of Change
2YF Sprint Championship The Ring Of Shame
3YC Nunthorpe Sprint Championship Ya Sattaar
3YF Nunthorpe Sprint Championship La Sicaria
Newbury Sprint 4-7Y Championship C Ace In Black
Newbury Sprint 4-7Y Championship F Ruby Bear
2YC Classic Championship Taj Viking
2YF Classic Championship Wemyss Bight
3YC Derby Championship Roulette Five
3YF Oaks Championship Saigon Model
King George Championship 4-7Y C Lee Ablett
Queen Elizabeth Championship 4-7Y F Wunder Vom Himmel
2YC Stayers Championship Sousa
2YF Stayers Championship Wemyss Bight
3YC St Leger Championship Joakim Von Anka
3YF St Leger Championship Zenyattaria
Cesarewitch Championship 4-7Y C Ya Bin Mara
Cesarewitch Championship Final 4-7Y F Prix De Luxe

derekw10 - Hi All

Selections for end of season tipping comp has been sent to RC to post up on the news forum.

Just in case they don't post up before the first race here are mine below, good luck to everyone who has entered and who has a final or conso runner.

Sprinters Colts- King Of Change
Sprinters Filly - The Ring Of Shame
Nunthorpe C - Kingston Royale
Nunthorpe F - La Sicaria
Newbury Colts - Go Daddy
Newbury Fillies - Ruby Bear
Classic C - Neuroscience
Classic F - Schwarzer Schmerz
The Derby - Painful Force
The Oaks - Jumping Tanzanite
King George - King Of Munster
Queen Elizabeth - Chan El
Stayers C - Neuroscience
Stayers F - Prece
St Leger C - Ronnie Rocket
St Leger F - Cocaine Goddess
Cesarewitch C - Ya Bin Mara
Cesarewitch - Prix De Luxe

18:10 - Consolation 2YC Sprint - 1
The wolfs lair - Would anyone notice if I switched my horses starting stalls around so my muddy horse gets the plum draw ;)

Betromania - I expect this is my only chance of winning a race ..

Happy days lol.

The wolfs lair - RC your manual adjustment for the race is a little short.

18:15 - 2YF Classic Championship - 1
katies -
Bbstables Snap HAHA

Bbstables - Well done winners and placers Hoping for a top random tomorrow

katies - Let's see. And good luck to all. :)

Buster Troop - Thanks Katies, she will go close in Stayers but P.Times is fav in my opinion.

katies - I had your horse to win the stayers buster in the competition not the classic. Well done

Buster Troop - Thank you Red!

katies - Thank you!! Onwards and upwards :)

Red Oak Farms - Well done buster
Unlucky katie

18:16 - Newbury Sprint 4-7Y Championship F - 1
Betromania - Simples

Bellstane - If only it was that simple mate

Betromania - All Ruby needs now is Mud lol

Good Luck.

Betromania - what a piss take ... that should have been a one horse race.

18:21 - 3YC Nunthorpe Sprint Championship - 1
The wolfs lair - I bought 60 and they are absolutely shocking. Most would barely win a grade 2 lol. Have a handful of claimers and not a single qualifier class horse :(

The Pirate Stud - Mine are all dogfood.

Betromania - Rc makes a pleasant change to see some decent yearlings this season at least in my stable ..

I will stop buying now why the going is good.

Not before time.

18:25 - Consolation Newbury Sprint 4-7Y F - 2
Bellstane - This race at the exact same time/track as the 2 year old consolation?

18:31 - Consolation 3YC Nunthorpe Sprint - 1
The wolfs lair - RC - still showing as less than the other Conso 1st instance finals..............

The wolfs lair - Why is this prizemoney only £243 BC's?

18:45 - Consolation 3YF Nunthorpe Sprint - 1
Betromania - I think your find its the same as the last two season ?

Bellstane - Bcs on this are surely wrong?

18:45 - Consolation 3YF Nunthorpe Sprint - 4
The wolfs lair - Lucky you Fred. I had 11 runners tonight and didn't sniff a good JR lol. This filly was 11/10.

Betromania - fantastic time to hit random 1

19:00 - 2YC Stayers Championship - 1
The wolfs lair - Thanks Fred. Not had the best of luck in these finals series but good to get something back. Keeps the wolf from the door so to speak ;)

Betromania - Unlucky wolf man ..

19:07 - World Challenge Day 2-7Y F - 1
The wolfs lair - Yeah, JR 3 out of 12 is absolutely disgusting.

Bbstables - Thats me done i think. Please feel free to inbox me if anyone wants any of my horses

19:16 - 2YF Stayers Championship - 1
Betromania - Well done Son ..

Buster Troop - Well done, that is some animal

Bellstane - Thanks pal ;)

katies - Well done Bells :)

19:16 - World Challenge Day 2-7Y F - 1
Betromania - Why I bother entering World challenge I never know. Don't think I have ever won one in 15 Years.

19:17 - Cesarewitch Championship 4-7Y C - 1
Rocky Power - there goes any chance for mine hates that ground

19:20 - 3YC Derby Championship - 1
The wolfs lair - Congrats Fred. Being so lucky do you want to buy some of my unlucky horses?!!! ;)

Betromania - Many thanks

Red Oak Farms - Well done betro

19:20 - 3YC St Leger Championship - 1
The wolfs lair - The mighty JKK goes on every ground.........except mud! Gl all.

The wolfs lair - Joking aside you make some valid points Atlantic.

The wolfs lair - Nah mate; the ground stopped the best horse from winning ;)

Atlantic Racing - Well they stopped the best horse by far !!!! from winning , lol no surprise there and gave it to a multi stable again .
Complete farce, luckily that's one of our last ever runners. There are hardly any players bar the multi stables who of course have ruined the game and are bigger than the game now. Once an entertaining game with many players when we first played but sadly a far cry from that now.

19:26 - Consolation 2YF Stayers - 4
Bbstables - ***Edited***
Well done to all winners and placers

19:29 - King George Championship 4-7Y C - 1
Chinese Racers - Abo comes good again! Nice one Derek

19:37 - World Challenge Day 2-7Y F - 1
Bbstables - Shock not needed 1 for win bonus so obvious that would happen

19:44 - World Challenge Day 2-7Y C - 1
Atlantic Racing - Well they sure stopped the best horse again, lol absolutely no surprise , one of our last runners here , get me out of here

20:28 - 3YF St Leger Championship - 1
The wolfs lair - Cracking run Derek!

21:21 - Eclipse Stakes WFA 2-7Y C Gr 1 - 1
The wolfs lair - Very high class field!