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Date-Time Race Name Eligibility; Handicap Runners Entry Fee Stakes
Thu, Dec 7, 2017 - 11:21 AM £112.50 Capped WFA 2-7Y F W1+; Age2-60lbs; Age3-20lbs; Age4+20lbs; Age>4+20lbs; E<£112.50 9 £3.00 £22.95

Swiss Lait isn’t taking any prisoners in this race. There was some fierce competition from Just Hiss and Nelson's Big Fluf, but Rioco Rc won the race fair & square!

FinDrStableHorse Name
Gr Age
RatingEarningsLbsJR LBW
17Rioco RcSwiss LaitG1 3F 123£40.801254000000100Wayne Bailey10.00
26Rioco RcJust HissG1 3F 123£57.011292000000100Tom Kerr20.43
32The NelsonsNelson's Big FlufG1 3F 123£89.3519113750000100Ronan O’Conor30.90
48The ImmortalsThe Tease'G1 4F 123£98.281664000110140Maurizio Conti41.48
53PdrMidnight PrincessG1 3F 123£70.2826106000000100Bill Cooper61.81
61Uxbridge MeadowsSam's HomeG1 3F 123£90.161653101000100James Clarke52.24
74Coolmore Classic'sNineth SpudnickG1 3F 123£90.041471100000100Kirsten Werner72.76
89PartnershipStolen CarG1 3F 123£98.9043245000000100Harold Fisher 93.10
95Ascot Vale LodgeIndira VarmaG1 3F 123£59.4613601293000100Emily Harding83.52

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