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A thrilling virtual horse racing game

Horse Racing
  • 2Hour(s)
  • $250 Capped WFA 2-7Y C

    Champagne for Partnership, a bed of roses for Save The Bacon- well-deserved treats after that finish!

  • 6Hour(s)
  • Level Weight 2Y C - Gr2

    Exceptional competition between shotgun_mike and Big Bite chasing Whitburnstud to a distinguished 1st place!

  • 6Hour(s)
  • $500 Capped WFA 2-7Y C

    Only Partnership could train a horse to win a race like that! A fantastic final finish from Man Of Witches!

Capture your imagination with ATRVirtualOwner.com, a real-to-life virtual horse racing game offering you the exciting opportunity to own a stable of virtual race horses, train them to peak racing fitness, and watch your skill and strategy come into play as you race to victory in live 3D. Welcome to the friendly virtual horse racing community.

Experience 30 days free play when you start your free stable!

Own Own Icon

  • Own a virtual race horse.
  • Start your free stable and have fun racing in free races!
  • Design your own racing silks and grow your stable of champions.

Train Train Icon

  • Train your horse to peak fitness and performance.
  • Explore your stable management skills and apply your winning strategies.
  • Assess each horse according to distance, appropriate race category, track surface and performance product.

Race Race Icon

  • Race your horse against other owners’ horses.
  • Progress through Division Races.
  • Become a Champion stable.

Win Win Icon

  • Win races, trophies and Championships.
  • Earn the admiration of the community.
  • Leaderboards to track your progress against others.
  • Hall of Fame to aspire to.



Latest Stats

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Top Colt:
La Gazza Ladra
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Platinum Diamond

Race Against Others!

Runners Yesterday: 618
Races Yesterday: 137
"I love I mean really love when my horses win." - Hernys Stable
"I have lost count of the amount of times I train horses in my sleep." - Horsecroft
"You know when you are an RC addict when you plan your holiday not to fall on the Auction weekend." - Derekw10
"This is a fun game - and very addictive." - Bugsy
"I'm all for ideas being exchanged in the effort to improve an already great game." - Dannyboy
BMH Division Racing

Challenge reality with Virtual Owner's virtually real horse racing game

Virtual horse racing at Virtual Owner is identical to flesh-and-blood horse racing, except that it all happens online. This magnificent virtual horse racing game will capture your imagination in the realism with which it simulates real horse racing. Combine strategy, skill, fun, online community, and lucrative racing – that’s what Virtual Owner is all about.

Playing Virtual Owner’s virtual horse racing game is easy: Own, Train, Race, and Win

Have fun choosing and naming your virtual horses; designing your unique horse racing silks; training your virtual horses over various tracks, distances and conditions; applying performance-enhancing products to your horses; and finally racing against a global community of players in live 3D for your place in the winners’ enclosure.

Horse racing is referred to as the Sport of Kings but it can be enjoyed by everyone

Virtual horse racing presents a realistic world for novices or horse racing pros – whether you enjoy games of skill, casual games or immersing yourself in virtual reality worlds.

The races on Virtual Owner are fair

Virtual Owner has no vested interest in the outcome of virtual races. Our only interest is to facilitate virtual races for the benefit of players, as a race course does in real horse racing. Virtual Owner acts as the playground where players compete. Our independence is your guarantee that virtual horse racing at Virtual Owner is fair.

The next champion race horse could be yours

Demonstrate your horse racing skills at Virtual Owner and make your mark as a top trainer. Play now to become a winner!

Kiron Interactive (Pty) Ltd is licensed (licence number: 000-011572-R-320611-002) and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) for UK persons playing in the United Kingdom. Peer-to-peer skills games, where prizes of moneys worth may be won, fall under the ambit of the UKGC for UK players. All game activity by players from elsewhere in the world where such skill games are not regulated under any local regulation do not fall within the UKGC licence. We do however operate the game according to the principles of the UKGC regulation for all players.

Under age gambling is illegal